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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teen fashion in the Netherlands

Having left Zim for the Netherlands, I have definitely had "fashion shock" drained out of me each year to the next. All you heard about the CLOGS is not true- In my opinion teenagers in the Netherlands understand the concept of "fashion personality"- perhaps a domino effect from the designers and the "open-minded" market.

Leggings like Zimbabwe are definitely a fave here-

"What's an outfit without leggings?" Saskia K. (15yrs)

However perhaps they are more favoured in the winter. The winters here also leave you with no other choice but to Flaunt the Fur -(FTF) like J-Lo : something you definitely can not do in Zimbabwe. But then again- there's the added stress of:

"How to look good in gazillion layers of warm clothing" - Fionna G. (16yrs)

Whats in for Netherlands Teens:
2.Shortest skirt you can find!
3.Fur - is always in during winter
4.Ski jacket (with a belt please) - so as to not appear as a big round blob
5.Black boots ( low or high cut)
6.Trendy Sneakers
7.Tank tops
8.Striped jumpers and monoprint scarfs aswell as fingerless gloves
9.Zip-up hoodie

The only limit offcourse is the "moody" weather nevertheless they all dress to kill: where "kill" has two meanings:
1) It's soooooo different you really feel like gagging (Never be caught dead in it)
2) It's soooooo WOW you can't stop staring ( Dying to be caught dead in it)

Yolanda-Lin M

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