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Monday, August 29, 2011

The MTV VMAs Were Hot

MTV did not disappoint with last night's Video Music Awards a.k.a. The VMAs. There were great performances by future mama, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye and Chris Brown. Of course, our girl Lady Gaga kept it kooky by staying in character as her alter ego, Jo Calderone. It was great to see Britney Spears receive a VMA honor. She's been through a lot over the past few years. She deserves to be recognized as a talented, dynamic performer and a trendsetter. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj kept everyone entertained with their big, bright fashions. The dedication to Amy Winehouse was cool, but sad, at the same time. Her video with the legendary singer, Tony Bennett, shows she could have evolved into a great jazz singer. It was one of the best music awards shows I've seen in a long time. Maybe this will raise the bar and give other awards programs the motivation to be more creative with the shows they present to honor music artists.

See pics from the MTV VMAs below. Enjoy!

Pregnant Beyonce on the Red Carpet
Photo by Getty Images

Katy Perry on the Red Carpet
Photo by PictureGroup

Nicki Minaj on the Red Carpet
Photo by PictureGroup

Cutie Taylor Lautner on the VMA Red Carpet
Photo by Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Gives Her Best Look for the Camera
Photo by Getty Images

Pauly D of MTV's 'Jersey Shore'
Photo by PictureGroup

Snooki of MTV's 'Jersey Shore'
Photo by PictureGroup

Britney Spears on the VMA Red Carpet
Photo by PictureGroup

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slow Down, Girl!

Hurricane Irene came in with a fury, but New York City made it through. It's amazing how we can adapt to situations when we need to, and sometimes it forces us to "stop." We live in such a fast-paced city. When is the last time you stopped? Unfortunately, it sometimes takes extreme weather, illness or loss of a loved one for us to realize it's ok for us to slow down and ree-lax. As girls, we often have this pressure of being multi-taskers: checking our twitter accounts while talking on the cell and texting someone. All at the same time. It sounds cool and fancy, but sometimes doing too much all at the same time can cause you to be stressed out, overwhelmed or make mistakes. Hmm, what do you think would happen if you sent, "Let's go to  the movies tomorrow, Jaden?" Oops, you sent that message to Chris. So, take a moment to enjoy life at a slower pace. You'll be able to focus and enjoy the moment.


P.S. Take a look at what we've been up to in the month of August:

Congrats to our girl Bey, on her baby! We wish you all the best during your pregnancy:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Friends

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” Anonymous

As we go through life we need to realise that it is OUR choice to surround ourselves with people who are positive and who will always be the proud circle of our past, present and future. It is very important to pick your friends carefully and wisely, and to make sure you are comfortable with the people you call "friends."

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jump In! Back-To-School Rundown

It’s back-to-school season already?

I agree, summer went by way too quickly. Luckily, by preparing for the year ahead early on, you can adjust back to school life in no time. Who knows, you may even get excited to go back!

Get your textbook purchases out of the way.

Some students like to wait after obtaining the syllabi to be sure of the texts required for classes.

Tip: Good idea. While you shouldn’t wait too long to purchase textbooks, make sure to compare prices at your school’s bookstore and virtual bookstores, too. Some exceptional student-friendly sites include,, and, which offer used books and rentals.

Take advantage of fun events and get out of the dorm!

Often the first few weeks of classes are review and light reading/homework assignments. That’s why many schools hold organizational fairs and back-to-school parties for the student body . These events are a great way to meet people! Also, they can help you decide which clubs or organizations you want to become involved with on campus. Remember, college is about creating yourself. Each class allows you to move one step closer to your degree and each year allows you to develop your own professional personality. So don’t be shy ; there are clubs for everyone! Get out and take advantage of all that school has to offer!

Maintain those meal points/dollars.

Yes, we all splurge every once in awhile, but don’t let buffet dining halls and unlimited meal plans ruin the healthy habits you developed over the summer.

Tip: Control your eating by starting early in the semester. Take advantage of the gym in your dormitory or around campus. Also, many schools begin their fitness classes like Yoga, Pilates and Zumba early in the semester — Try them all! The more you know about your body, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Skip the buses and elevators; walk to class!

Organizing Your Space and Using Color Coordination.

At the beginning of each semester, I like to organize my school supplies with a three-drawer shelf (usually next to my computer station). The top row has folders with colored tabs as labels for each class and a syllabus in each one. The second row has all of my personal electronics (kindle, phone charger, usb drive, anti-virus software for my computer, etc.), and the last row has my school books.

Tip: To avoid living in a room full of Post-Its, keep a calendar with all important dates. Pencil in meetings, luncheons, exams and study sessions. Also, remember to clear time for yourself!

Pick out a Study Hall/Space.

It may sound like I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s important to pick out possible study spaces before your work load gets heavy! Every student is different and has his or her own way of studying. Some can type papers while slouching on a bed. Others need to be in relaxed, quiet environments to get through reading assignments. Find out what works best for you and stick to it!

Personally, the library/reading room at my school doesn’t cut it. It’s always crowded and often I have to wait on a line to use a computer.

Tip: This may sound like a hassle, but keep your laptop handy as often as possible. If you can’t stand trucking that around, then make sure you have your flash drive glued to your hip! You never know when you may have the urge to finish that paper or study those notes!

I hope you take something out of this post and have a great back-to-school experience. Bad habits can be completely avoided with an early and positive push in the right direction

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back-to-school and Save While You Can

One of the most overlooked advantages of being a student is getting a discount at some of your favorite department stores.

Many popular outlets allow up to 15% off your total purchase with a valid student id or .edu e-mail address. These savings are accounted online, too.

Some places that cater to students include:

Banana Republic
Rugby by Ralph Lauren
J. Crew and many more.

All of these shops offer already discounted items (hoodies, jeans, slippers) and having your student id will help you save more.

In addition to the many stores that are offering discounts, a number of websites have devoted themselves to finding discounts for college students. Check out Student Bistro, Student Advantage or Globe Student Discount to see how they work.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 5 Fragrances

It's fun going through fragrances. After standing there for about an hour and a half, I finally ranked my top 5fragrances.

1) Halle Berry - Reveal

2) Nina Ricci- deci dela

3) Beyonce- Heat

4) Naomi Campbell- wild pearl

5) Bruno bunani- magic woman

What are your top fragrances? Share with friends and family your swag in scent-ville.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's your hair color?

After Rihanna-videos stormed the waves, I've noticed alot of red-hair on the streets.
Red has become the most wanted hair-color. Atlanta salon owner Kelly Van Gogh says "A mix of warm reds and light golden brown gives a vibrant sheen and flatters most skin tones."

However, despite the red-craze, its fabulous to notice afew hair-trend rebels:


Other colours

so what hair color are you?

Dare to be bold with your hair, EVEN IF ITS MONOTONE OR NATURAL- as long as it defines your style!

One tip for Dandruff

Sometimes we forget to "care" for our scalp- and as a result we let a desert of dandruff form on our heads. (Dandruff is dry skin on the scalp) - here's one tip for Dandruff - SULFUR CONTAINING PRODUCTS

Sulfur has shown itself to be useful as a remedy for dry skin and thus is used in many shampoos to fight dandruff. It fights current dandruff problems and prevents future outbreaks by controlling the yeast population that triggers dandruff. It is important to note that Sulfur is not a recommended treatment for dandruff control for color-treated hair.

In addition it also helps to restore sheen

Unfortunately, sulfur products don't work for everyobdy, some people may become irritated by it- so if you do, then stop using it and try other methods.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Power of Networking

On Tuesday, I attended my first BIG networking event and went home accomplished. Since the start of summer vacation, I've been actively involved with a site called the Intern Queen, which is a destination for college students seeking internships, and the company organized its first ever event in NYC. Two months into being the Campus Ambassador for my school, I was among 700+ people at a mixer with dj playing music too loud. It almost felt surreal--red carpet, dim lights, waiting for a drink by the bar.

Though I was taken aback by the turnout, I wasn't going to let the noise or my over high-heel shoes stop me from connecting with people from some "big" companies.

Step 1: Leave my resume. Bring a business card.
I wasn't introduced to the idea of having a business card, until an old blog post that advised getting one because you NEVER know who you will come in contact with. Whether you're on the bus, or at an interview having a card will show prospective employers that you MEAN business. Business cards are appropriate for networking because it is almost always the last impression you can leave with a person.

Plus,, has a variety of templates to choose from at inexpensive packages.

Step 2: Don't be shy. Smile!
I've never been the quiet sheep in my family, or at social gatherings but seeing so many unfamiliar faces in one space can sway you to keep shut. Don't be timid, let your personality shine!

Other than the panelist I was scheduled to cover, I barely knew anyone at the event. After I became comfortable talking to the panel, I slowly made my way to other panelists who were representing companies that I was interested in working with.

This is where confidence and self-branding takes you along way. Making eye contact and smiling can grab the attention of others, but it's knowing how to sell yourself that sells the cake. A firm handshake, and poise is all you need at times. It's best to scout of employers who you would like to one day work/intern for and tell them what attracts you to their company.

Step 3: Dress to impress.
One of the essential tips in Networking 101 is dressing to impress. Beforehand it's smart to know what type of networking event you'll be attending, so that you'll have a good idea of what to wear. For workshops or intimate meet-and-greets, casual clothing is highly desirable; whereas, networking parties and crowded mixers may call for professional, fashionable attire. These kind of mixers tend to have greater publicity, which may have photographers waiting to snap your picture. You never know who might be there or where you'll end up seeing yourself!

Step 4: Follow-up.
Just like any interview, meeting, conference or mixer; you want to utilize all the information and contacts you gained. Compile the business cards you collected, because that is your golden ticket to opening up a gate to the brand, or company. Use social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr) to be connected via web 2.0. There's no reason to miss out on future events, deals or internships now that you have a consistent flow of updates from them.

P.S. I found out about a site that hosts workshops and events in NYC. Check them out here: