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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I Was Born This Way"

            Any Gleeks? I am a major Gleek.  For those not familiar, Gleeks are big fans of Glee.  Did you check out this week’s episode of Glee? If not, the theme was “I Was Born This Way” and I’m sure you all know it’s a popular song by Lady Gaga, but more importantly, it’s telling you to be yourself. Everyone was born differently and we all need to embrace that. More and more every day everyone wants to live like celebrities, but my question is why? What is so fascinating about them? Is it the way they dress, their hair, their make-up, their money? That’s all material. It’s what is on the inside that matters. I know, so cliché, but it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t true.  Blending in is so Y2K, lol. If you believe changing up who you are, is going to make people accept you more, you’re wrong.  No one wants to surround themselves around a “fake.” So be true to you. Being YOURSELF is what separates you from the rest and makes you different. Don’t waste away your life trying to be someone else.  Believe me, you stand out as long as you are true to yourself because, hey, we are all different and unique as long as we stay real.  Who wants to become a carbon copy? Booooring.


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